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Aviator needed a leadership program to improve decision-making and leadership skills in the organization. Together with Framfot, Training Manager Kjell Mathisen created a five-day program for all the company’s leaders – and the results are outstanding.

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“I would highly recommend Framfot as a supplier”, says Kjell Mathisen when we meet up in DN-skrapan, Stockholm one snowy February morning. “Framfot has been like a partner for us. They have listened to our specific needs and supported us with their extensive knowledge in the field of leadership training.”

”Working with Framfot has given us a cost-effective, tailored program that has become a big success in Aviator.”

Creating a professional training program that is tailored to your organization can make a huge difference. When good training is woven together with your company’s goals, values ​​and visions, an arena is created where your employees will develop themselves, each other, and your business. There are many benefits. For example, employees who get access to extensive training and development often report higher job satisfaction overall. With that in mind, Aviator built their own Leadership Training Program together with Framfot, who after analyzing Aviator’s needs found some areas with great potential.

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The Aviator Leadership Training Program by Framfot

But let us start from the beginning. Aviator Airport Alliance is a ground-handling service provider with around 2500 employees located at 15 airports in the Nordic Countries. Aviator is owned by Avia Solution Group, a global company located in Vilnius, Lithuania, with more than 100 locations around the world and over 10 000 aviation professionals.

“We started our collaboration with Framfot in 2019 after our CEO Jo Alex had identified a need for a leadership training program in Aviator”, says Kjell. ”I got the assignment, and together with Framfot, I created the Aviator Leadership Training Program. The program is five days in total, spread over two occasions, and it focuses both on Aviator-specific trainings in finance, HR and safety, and leadership trainings provided by Framfot, in the areas of leadership skills, communication, conflict management and team management” says Kjell Mathisen and continues:

”In 2020 the pandemic came. It hit Aviator hard, and we had to pause the leadership program. The recovery has been good for us though. We are now almost at the same staff level as before the pandemic, and in 2022 we could restart and continue with the program. We see many opportunities for Aviator to grow, and that is also our ambition.”

It is extremely inspiring when we see our leaders actively using the tools from the training program

“The Aviator Leadership Training Program is up and running. We are still to see the full effect of the program, but we have already received some feedback from the airports that our newly trained leaders are making positive changes in their leadership behavior. We have also seen that they are working actively with the tools they learned in the training program, and that is extremely inspiring.”

Training to become the best leaders

So, why is leadership important at Aviator?

“The most important asset in Aviator is our staff, and they deserve the best leaders”, Kjell Mathisen says. “By building a more supportive and communicative leadership we will develop, engage, motivate and retain staff in an attractive and effective organization. It is important for us to have a good safety and company culture, and to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. And for this we need good, responsible leaders on all levels. The Leadership Training Program is helping us secure this”.

”The most important asset in Aviator is our staff, and they deserve the best leaders.”

Framfot tailored the program specifically for Aviator in close collaboration with their Training Manager. The program is built upon Aviator´s five core values: Taking responsibility, getting things done, take decisions, being a role model for your staff and being a great representative for Aviator. The focus is on improving decision-making and general leadership skills by giving the leaders of Aviator the tools they need to take ownership and exercise supportive and communicative leadership. Framfot has supplied with tools, expertise and – most important –  practical training to make it happen.

Our long-term goal is to have the best leaders in the industry

“Our long-term goal is to have the best leaders in the industry, and I think this program is an important part of our journey to reach that goal”, says Kjell Mathisen. ”Being a leader is a constant developing journey, and the trainings we perform will give our staff new insights to develop themselves and others. My colleagues are a group of dedicated, passionate people, and working with them in learning and development is the best job ever.”

“I am very satisfied with the collaboration with Framfot. The ability to listen to our specific needs and adapt the program to our leadership model is outstanding and that part made a huge difference.”

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