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Leadership level 1 – New to management

Are you stepping into a new leadership role and want to boost your competence and feel secure in your position? This course will provide you with the essential tools and models to develop your leadership skills and excel in your management role.

This is our best selling course Ledarskap nivå 1 – ny som chef, now available in english.

In this program, you will gain the necessary knowledge as well as practical training in the tools and models that will enhance your confidence in your new managerial role.

Leadership Level 1 provides valuable insights into coaching and development conversations that engage your team in achieving common objectives. You’ll discover how to conduct effective meetings, master development discussions, be confident in salary negotiations, and handle those difficult conversations skillfully. We’ll guide you through the challenge of leading your former colleagues as well as navigating difficult situations. Upon completing this training, you’ll have a strong foundation to build your leadership skills and excel in your role.

You will also:

  • Acquire the skills to establish, track, and successfully attain your objectives by implementing efficient goal-setting techniques
  • Learn the fundamentals of Swedish labor law (taught by a practicing attorney).
  • Practice effective methods for employee discussions
  • Create a personal action plan for your ongoing development as a leader.

This program is a vital component of our Certified Leadership curriculum.

Leadership level 1 – Program Highlights:

Before the training, you will undergo a leadership analysis to identify your driving forces and communication style in your leadership approach. Self-confidence and self-awareness are crucial for your role as a manager, and this analysis will provide valuable insights to work on during the training.

Over the course of two intensive days, you will gain essential knowledge of the legal foundations of labor law. You will also acquire valuable skills in delegation, monitoring, and goal setting. Additionally, you’ll learn how to adapt your leadership style to meet the needs of your team and individuals.

The program combines practical exercises, personalized guidance, and enriching discussions. With the guidance of our experienced leaders, you’ll uncover the best strategies for navigating your specific role.

To conclude the training, you will create a personalized action plan—a roadmap for your leadership in the upcoming year and a vision for your leadership style. Furthermore, you’ll receive three months of complimentary support after completing the program.

Enhance your leadership skills through this popular managerial course – your journey to becoming a confident and proficient leader.

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Business case: Aviator

Together with Framfot, Training Manager Kjell Mathisen created a five-day program for all the company’s leaders – and the results are outstanding.

Master development discussions

In this video, Gunilla gives us a few tips on how to master employee interviews. (Click CC for subtitles in English)

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